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Sadie's Saga

Sadie was brought to the Humane Society on February 2nd. Sadie had been
wandering around a neighborhood and was due to have kittens any day.  It
was cold, and snowy and rainy – another typical February day here in Vermont. 
But for Sadie, it was just plain awful outside – and not a good situation for her
or her soon-to-be-here kittens. So, a nice lady who had noticed her running
around the neighborhood and had been feeding her, brought her in to us. 
We set Sadie up in a quiet place, with lots of water and food and blankets and a
soft cozy bed.  No one called us asking if we had a stray pregnant tortoise shell
cat, so here she stayed all nice and toasty.  A few days later, during the night, she
had 5 little cutie-pie kittens.  After having a visit with the vet to be sure she and they
were all healthy, she and the babies went off to a less stressful environment in a
foster home.  After 8 weeks the kittens will be back to the Society, and they will be
ready for adoption.  We will be having a Welcome Back Sadie and Kittens Shower
and Open House.  Keep watching our web site for notice of the Big Day!  Meanwhile,
we hope you enjoy viewing our slides and having the chance to check in week-to-week
and watch with us, as the kittens grow. 


2008 Kitten Shower

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