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The Princess Fund


The Princess Fund is a special medical fund established to help us pay for
unusual medical expenses that go far above the basic needs of shelter

The fund was initially established to help with the expenses of Princess,
a docile and dainty little black cat who entered the shelter in December 2005
with a mangled leg that had been caught in a leg-hold trap. We reached out
to the community to help us meet the expenses of surgery to remove her leg,
and the community reached out to Princess with the funds to give her a new
chance at life. Princess is now a true princess in her Forever Home, sharing
space with her humans and her two feline siblings, and jumping in and out
of windows with nary a worry in the world as she watches the world go by.

We knew Princess would not be the only animal to arrive at the shelter with
special medical needs, and decided to honor her by keeping her fund alive
to help others. Adoption fees don't cover the basic medical expenses of our
shelter animals, much less the extras, and the only way for us to meet these
needs is through the generosity of the community. Please consider a donation
to the Princess Fund to help our special animals in need.

Visit Our Happy Homes for an update on Princess aka Christy.

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