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Hello Marie and friends at Springfield HS!  i have been living in rutland since February after my new
family picked me up.  I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how i was doing.  i am great! 
EVERYBODY loves me!  they say i am the best boy they could ask for.  i hang out at the fire dept. down
the street and they give me treats; the lady down the block meets me with fresh baked treats too! 
Neighborhood kids flock around me and pat me when i am out for a stroll.  my neighbors grandson
looks forward to walks with me also.  I am a popular boy in town!
M y appetite is fine, and have had no big problems.  went to the vet today to get my nails done.  Did
have a little lump on my front leg checked out; but all it is, is another fatty tumor and not to concerning
right now.
Me and my friend Annie get along great!  We walk together every afternoon.  I am looking forward to
going to the lake this summer. 
My family is so happy that the Springfield Humane Society is around and was able to find them such a
great boy!  I have attached a picture of myself, you can use my picture in the next news letter if you
want! Best,
Skyler McIntosh 


We want to share some news with you as a thanks for this wonderful friend we adopted
from you so many years ago: Rascal was a black and brown Terrier mix that we brought home
over 18; years ago from your shelter. He lived a very happy and long life with us, and we just had to
say goodbye to this little furry friend last week who became no less than a son to us over such
a long period of time. In the collage, you can see pictures of our house, which he actually
saw us build, and so this house has never known life without him.

We have now gone through the first week without him in the house and we miss him very much.
He has a Beagle brother, (Dudley) and Dudley will keep us busy for a few more years. But when he
leaves us, we plan on returning to you, and seeing if we can adopt another furry friend. In the
meantime, we have some extra plans as well...

Please take a moment to share in Rascal's success story by checking out the collage of pictures
which represent stages in his life span. We also have some tribute sections on our website
so we can share his success with others and give some information that will lead to your web site.

(Now that we have found your web site, we also plan on adding a link to it on our near and dear page) (You can also see the tribute to Raz at the bottom of that page, as well as the news page)

We plan on making a trip to see you soon, to give a donation in Rascal's name to continue to assist
you folks in the awesome work you do. Blessings and best wishes, and again, thanks so much for
Rascal. We enjoyed and miss his company very much.

Our Magical Boy!

The instant we pulled up to the Springfield Humane Society last
September a gorgeous, large golden dog came trotting out in his run to
greet us. His alert head and eyes, confident stature and wagging tail
immediately said to us, "He is the one."
We went inside and asked what dogs were available. "Tell us
about that large brown dog outside " He was 16 months old, left by
a family who could not take him with them when they moved. Shortly,
a worker brought him to us in the reception area. He immediately
kissed us, and wagged his tale madly. We walked him down the hall.
He was pulling hard, but a few obedience commands helped to control
him. "He'll take a lot of work," we said, "but he's a lovely dog."
What a wonderful eight months it has been! We call him Magic,
for that is what he is in our lives. Our gentle, kind, fun giant boy! And
he is so terribly handsome and receives so many compliments from
people! Trying to guess his heritage was a fascinating topic for many
weeks. We now believe he is a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Lab cross. His
short hair is silky smooth and glistens in the sunshine.
We began basic obedience training immediately. In a few weeks
he obtained his Canine Good Citizen award. He worked very hard to
iJ~p.rove his attention and leash skills in our daily walks. Our favorite
destination is a stone wall near old maple and apple trees. After
climbing the hill, we sit on the wall and look out at our Vermont hills.
He absolutely loves the agility and tracking classes he has been
attending this winter and spring. He is a master catching balls or
frizbees. Trips to a local lake have improved his swimming skills. Each
and every day he brings us much joy.
For our other dog, Lizzy, who has been fighting nose cancer, he
has been a constant, loyal friend. When she feels better, they play with
pull toys together. When she has poorer days, he instinctively treats her
gently, with great love. He is such good therapy for her.
Magic also has the most amazing relationship with our cat, YuH.
They play constantly - chasing and hiding from one another. Magic
carefully puts his mouth around YuH's body, and YuH, in return, hugs
Magic's neck. We have never seen cats and dogs play together like this
before! Magic also loves Yuli's cat toy - a mouse with many long arms,
which he tosses around his head with much silliness! Any toy with
strings is a great favorite!!
Magic shows much affection for his people-family as well. He
constantly follows us, plays with us, and lies quietly by our sides with
great love. We absolutely adore him, and cannot imagine what our lives
would have been Hke had we not pulled up to the humane society that
day. He was meant to be our dog.
Just today we took him to a local "Fido Fest," where he calmly
met many different dogs of all sizes, and had a chance to participate in
various contests. In addition to two second prizes in Musical Carpets
and 50 Paw Dash, he took FIRST prize in Best Kisser, which shows
what a total love he is! He will brighten our lives for years to come. We
cannot thank the Springfield Humane Society enough for letting this
wonderful dog share our home. He is truly a winner!!!


I cannot easily express the net increase in happiness in my life since I drove off with Fritz nearly six
months ago. True, my backseat looks a like a sand box and I can't really wear black anymore, but as I
sit in my office (procrastinating) and eyeing the fifty-pound mutt snoring on the floor, I am nothing but

Affectionate, smart, friendly, well-mannered and playful, Fritz is tailed wherever we go by glowing
comments from strangers. Cou1d he understand, his ego would be intolerable. "Goodbye, gorgeous,:
was how a friend left my office this morning (without saying goodbye to me). The folks in the office
next door "borrow" him regularly. Even my mother - who is thoroughly vanilla on the topic of dogs -
adores him. I would be jealous if I were not so proud.

Basic obedience craning went well, and he now comes when called without fail - even when there is a
squirrel to chase or a dog to play with. He knows sit, down, stay, load up, kennel up, and heel, and
walks avery nicely on a leash. Through skijoring this winter, he's learned hike (pull like mad), whoa
(stop NOW), easy (slow down) on by (ignore whatever it is you're interested in and keep going). Next
winter, we'll tackle gee (right), haw (left, and line out (pull that tug line out in front, quit standing on my
skis and get ready to run!). He is very handsome in his harness. We began a novice agility class a few
weeks ago, and while he's not exactly a natural, he LOVES it. He is fine when left alone in the house,
has dainty table manners, and greets new dogs and new people calmly and without jumping. He is
now very reliable off-leash, and accompanies me whenever I work outside. When I reach for my GPS (I
work in natural resources), he goes into a down-stay without being asked.

I wish you all much success in matching up your rescued animals in loving homes. If the dogs and
cats still with you provide half as much joy to their new owners as Fritz has to me, you are truly doing
humanitarian work there at the shelter. All the best, Amanda and Fritz


Christy aka Princess - written by Christy (Robbin Hood)
Arrival Story:

One day I was out roaming around having a grand old time when I came across this strange metal
thing. I really didn't give it much thought, I had other things to investigate, like this neat spider that
was hanging over it. As I was swatting at the spider, it went SNAP and grabbed my left rear leg! The
pain was so bad it made me yowl like a wild cat! As hard as I tried I could not get this thing off of my
leg!! I finally got it unattached from the ground, but it hurt my leg so bad and I couldn't get it off of my
leg. Eventually my leg went numb, and I was able to drag it and myself up on this man's porch. I was
so exhausted by the time he found me I could barely meow. He took me to the Springfield Humane
Society. It was there they removed this thing they called a trap from my leg. The pain wasn't too bad
by then, as I couldn't feel my leg anymore and it just sort of hung there. They took me to this nice vet
in Springfield and it was there I had what they called an operation. When I woke up from the operation
my leg was gone. What was left they called a stump and it hurt, but not as bad as my leg had. It was
certainly a lot easier for me to move around after they took my leg off. I wonder what they did with it?
Anyway, while I was staying at the Vets someone from a place they called the newspaper came and
took my picture. It was nice being fussed over when they did that. I heard them say that there would
be an article in the Sunday paper about me. Shortly after that, I was brought back to the Humane
Society. I wasn't there long before this really nice lady came by to see me. She brought me treats! She
seemed really nice and gentle. She was really careful of my sore stump, which I appreciated. She
didn't even get upset or scared when I got some sharp pains that hurt so bad I sort of freaked out. She just petted me and kept telling me it would be okay, and after a few minutes it was. One of the ladies
who worked at the Humane Society said I had phantom pains. I don't care what they call them they
hurt! We had fun playing together, but after a while she left. I didn't want her to leave! The next day I heard her voice again! I started to meow really loud so she could hear me! Finally she came in, opened my cage and I crawled right into her arms! I wasn't going to let her leave without me this time! She brought this nice man with her. She said they were going to be my new Mom and Dad! That night they took me to my new home! I am so happy they took me home. It doesn't bother them at all that I have
only 3 legs! I now have two sisters, Baby and Gabby. Baby is older than me, so she doesn't want to
play much, but Gabby, she is only a little older than me, and we have lots of fun playing! I am really
going to enjoy living here. Thanks Mom and Dad for adopting me. I am going to make sure I give you
lots of nuzzles to show you how much I love you!
We saw Christy's picture and story in the paper the week before Christmas. We hadn't planned on
adding to our cat family, but her picture spoke to me and I asked my husband if we could adopt her. I
guess it spoke to him too, because the following day he said we could. I quickly did an email to the
humane society, which included my Catster listing of our cats and the rest is history! They thought
we would make good parents to her and now she is ours! We adopted her the Thursday before
Christmas. We fondly call her my unplanned Christmas Gift! She is the sweetest little kitty. We have
had several cats throughout the years, and each one usually takes a while to adjust to being in our
home. Not Christy! She was comfortable in our home from day one! She loves sitting in my lap, and
does not give me any trouble when it comes to my giving her the medications she is still on! She is
simply an amazing little kitty! I totally believe fate brought her to us!



Ahem!!! Ladies & Gentlemen (and any cats or dogs reading this also) Please allow me to introduce
myself. Kiba's the name and kissing the game. Yes, my name is Kiba (pronounced "Keeba"), which is
swahelian for "hey, someone left the back gate open again". I am a primarily a coon hound but I think
some other dog might have made in into the yard through that open gate. My new family found me at
the Springfield Vt. Humane Society and ... well, I guess they just fell in love with me. I'm a gentle girl, I
love cats and kids and I love to give KISSES!!!. Big wet ones. No little peck on the cheeks for me, no
no, I go straight for the lips. I love to play with squeaky toys. I'm very gentle with them so that I won't
break them and I even share them with Mom & Dad, although they aren't crazy about that because I
get them a little wet. Oh well, what can I do, I'm a dog. I am a year and a half old and I have been to
some training so I know many commands and I'm completely house broken. I even held it all night my
first night in my new home until Mom got up in the morning and let me out. I hope we'll get to see lots
of each other because Mom & Dad plan to take me lots of places. I can't wait to meet each and every
one of you. I've asked Mom & Dad to attach a couple of pictures of me so that you'll recognize me
when you see me. Until then, Pucker up. Love, Kiba.


If you would like to see your special pet (only pets adopted from our shelter) featured here please send a story and updated photo to the Springfield Humane Society.

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