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Springfield Humane Society, Inc.
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Springfield, Vermont 05156
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Do you love animals?
Do you hate abuse, neglect and cruelty?
Do you love seeing homeless animals rehabilitated and placed into loving new homes?

Then you should be part of the Springfield Humane Society Team!
At SHS we work every day for animals & people that need our vital community services.

The Springfield Humane Society is a busy organization.  Our Shelter receives the homeless animals and surrendered animals
and assures they are kept safe and healthy until they find new homes.  All are vaccinated for rabies and distemper and
treated for internal and external parasites.  Ears are cleaned when necessary and treated for mites, which is common in the
cats we see.  Cats are tested for FeLV/FIV, two very contagious and deadly diseases. Every morning the staff spends 4 - 5
hours cleaning and disinfecting from one end of the Shelter to the other.  And of course everyone wants to eat!  So everyone
gets dry and canned food.  The cats get an additional supplement to help keep their immune systems working to reduce
stress induced complications.  The dogs get plenty of treats as staff spends time rewarding good behavior and just enjoying
their company.

Beyond the Shelter we are always seeking new ways to promote adoptions and spread the message of responsible care for
our companion animals.  Humane education programs are conducted in area schools.  Complaints of neglect or abuse are
investigated and properly dealt with according to Vermont law.

Absolutely none of this could occur without our members and friends.  We receive no government funding or money from
national organizations like the HSUS, AHA, or ASPCA.  It all comes from local people like you who care enough to
support our work.  Without YOU there would be no SHS working tirelessly day in and day out to meet the needs of the
animals and people in this area.  Consider the consequences for the animals if we were not here for them.

Please do not think, “someone else will help” because we need YOUR support!

Simply because the SHS has been here for 69 plus years does not mean it can be taken for granted that it will always be here. 
Simply put - we need you because they need us!  Please join our team with your donation today.  You do not have to be
a member to support our work.

On behalf of the animals, our wonderful staff & volunteers and the dedicated Board of Trustees I invite you to be a part of
our team either by becoming a member, or simply with a donation.  Please, show you care.


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Amore came in with one of the worst cases of skin infection I have ever seen.  His ears were almost sealed shut they were
swollen so badly.  His entire body was red and raw.  Fortunately he came to us!  Amore was treated, bathed and sent off to
a new home where he is appreciated and loved and now is in great health.

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Angel arrived in terrible shape.  She had a bad respiratory infection which caused her eyes to seal shut.  Lots of TLC,
medication and eye treatments brought this little one around to a healthy girl who was adopted to a loving new home where
she is cherished.

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    Pixie enjoys play time!                         Milo busily lounging!                    Gus being a nosy kitten!

Not all of the animals come to us in bad shape.  But they come to us in need of shelter and care until new homes come
along.  In the meantime they get to play and act as normal as possible, be well fed and kept comfortable and get loving
attention from staff and volunteers.

They come from all sorts of situations but once they are here we do our best to see that their stories end “and they lived
happily ever after.”

Thanks for making it all possible!

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                                                  ___Top Cat/Dog $500    ___Humanitarian Extraordinaire $1000

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“We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

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