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Our Community Cat Rooms

Thanks to generous donors we have 3 community cat rooms where cats live cage free
while waiting for new homes. Our cats now have the opportunity to act naturally as they
perch high, sit in a window, use a hidey hole for some time out, or stretch out in the sun.

What fun to stand in the corridor peering in through the huge viewing windows or sitting
inside with the cats laughing at their playful antics or enjoying the soothing purring of
contented feline.

Choosing the right cat(s) to adopt is much easier as you observe them acting normal
rather than trapped in a cage with someone looking in at them. The only thing that
still makes it harder to choose is that there are so many wonderful, happy, healthy cats
to choose from!

Love cats? Can’t have any where you live? Feeling “down” and in need of a spiritual lift?
Visiting our cats in the community rooms will enrich your life while enriching theirs.

Stop by our Shelter – we are proud of our work and our critters and love visitors!

Karen Cross Memorial Community Cat Room
Alice Cross Memorial Community Cat Room
Harriet Slack Richardson Memorial Community Cat Room

Visit us at to see our newest arrivals.







401 Skitchewaug Trail, Springfield, VT 05156
Phone: 802-885-3997 FAX: 802-885-1346


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